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Welcome to Alrawnaq Motors, your trusted partner in the world of automobiles. With over 15 years of dedicated service in the United Arab Emirates, Alrawnaq Motors has established itself as a leading force in the motor trading industry.
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Why Choose Alrawnaq Motors as Your Distributor?


A Gateway to New Horizons

Our vision is to distribute a variety of car brands efficiently, but we’re also open to the possibility of becoming a substantial partner for any car brand seeking a bulk dealer in the GCC region. This is an opportunity for both parties to grow their presence and influence in the vibrant GCC market.


A Valuable Asset Portfolio

Alrawnaq Motors brings a wealth of assets to the table. Our experience, extensive network, and strong industry links make us a valuable partner in the automotive world. By choosing us, you’re gaining a reliable partner with a proven track record.


Inroads into New Markets

Entering a new market is a significant challenge. Alrawnaq Motors is well-equipped to guide car brands through the process with patience and experience. We understand the intricacies of introducing a brand into a completely new market and are committed to making it a seamless journey.

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We are able to provide all body styles to suit your customers requirements, if you don’t see what you need please ask



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